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Cat howling question and answer

Cat howling question

siamese cat imageI have two Siamese cats, neutered male named Kyle and a spayed Female named Shelly. Both are about four years old and are from the same litter. Shelley behaves well, but not Kyle. As soon as the sun goes down Kyle starts pacing the house and howling as loud as he can. I've tried to quiet him by giving attention when he seems upset, but no matter what I do, he keeps on howling. I'm having trouble sleeping, how can I town down Kyle's cat howling.

Cat howling answer.

Cats are naturally nocturnal, which means that they sleep a lot during the day and become more active at dusk and dawn. When the sun goes down, your cat has plenty of energy, and he starts to pace and vocalize, perhaps out of frustration that he cannot join in outdoor activities. Since his howling has escalated to the point that it has become a serious issue, the first step is to determine what is causing his cat howling.

You may be able to blame genetics. Siamese cats are known for being very vocal and loud. Increased cat howling may also be linked to Kyle's need for attention, or it could be a medical issue. My first advice is to have Kyle examined by your veterinarian and explain to him about how the cat howling is keeping you up at night. Your vet will perform a full examination and check for a hyperthyroid condition that may cause more than normal vocalization.

Cat howling, may also be caused by an emotional issue, such as anxiety or fear. Veterinarians can administer medication to alleviate these problems so discussed this with your veterinarian.

Cat behavior training

howling cat imageIf you can determine that Kyle's cat howling is just a demand for attention, you can stop this bad cat behavior by purposely ignoring his high-volume vocals. This will not be an easy task because initially, he will probably howl louder and more frequently when you are not responding. You have to be strong when he starts yelling and resist temptation to tell him to quiet down. Just leave the room or shut the doors so that he can't see you. At night when the cat howling becomes worse keep him out of your room and do not give him the slightest response or let him see you.

This may take weeks or months to turn this bad cat behavior around, but the key is to make the cat understand that when he is howling that he gets just the opposite of what he is looking for. Eventually he will get the idea and may turn to a different means of getting what he wants. The key is to be patient and to avoid punishment. And remember that any attention, including scolding, is still attention in the mind of Kyle.

Another thing that you can do is to move his feeding and sleeping schedules. If possible play with him more during the day, which will cut down on his daytime sleeping. This will leave him with less energy during the nine and can cut down on his cat howling. Also provide his biggest meal at night right before bedtime, a cat with a full belly is more apt to sleep and be less active.

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For more information on cat behavior problems give our cat health and behavior website a visit.

If you are a siamese cat owner then the best resource i have seen is the I am siamese e-book

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